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Trucks with Polish or Lithuanian LTL export loads leave Tallinn every business day, the delivery time is 2-5 days depending on destination.

Trucks with import LTL loads leave different regions in Poland every business day, the delivery time is 2-5 days depending on origin and destination.

Polish and Lithuanian export FTL and Polish import FTL loadings take place as needed by the customer every day, delivery time is 2-4 days depending on origin and destination.

The timetables listed here are not a guarantee of delivery time. (General Conditions of ELFA 2015)

Terminal service

We offer various terminal related services for the transit we arrange:

  • On and offloading for trucks with tail lifts in the country of origin or destination;
  • Collection and delivery of shipments with a specified loading time;
  • Short-term storage of goods;
  • Consolidating various commercial shipments at the terminal;
  • (Re) packaging, labelling and marking of pallets.

Oversize and overweight shipments

The special trailers we operate allow practically any kind of equipment/products to be transported. We apply for the necessary permits, coordinate the shipment route and arrange convoys. If needed, we order a crane for loading operations. We can arrange transport of goods whose:

  • width exceeds 2.40 m;
  • height exceeds 3.0 m;
  • length exceeds 13.6 m;
  • weight exceeds 24 t;

Groupage and part loads to third countries (such as Russia-bound consignments)

The trucks on our regular service routes are equipped with third-country transit permits and we have thorough knowledge of the necessary customs formalities. Thus, we can offer regular, continuous service for transporting Russia-bound shipments up to the customs terminal in Estonia.

Transport within Estonia

A number of Ball transport export customers are located outside Tallinn in different countries and to avoid empty loads, we offer the possibility of carriage of full loads from Tallinn or Harju County to various destinations across Estonia. Information on availability of space aboard trucks is available from our traffic manager.

Urgent shipments

Our vans and tail lift trucks with various sizes and carrying capacities allow us to provide express transport Europe-wide. The advantage over air freight is the possibility of door-to-door deliveries in neighbouring countries in one vehicle with no reloading, often resulting in savings of time and price. For instance, door-to-door shipments from Tallinn to Warsaw can take just 12 hours.





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