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Trucks with export LTL loads leave Tallinn for Sweden every business day except for Thursdays, the delivery time is 2-5 days depending on destination.

Trucks with import LTL loads leave different regions in Sweden every business day, the delivery time is 2-3 days.

Import/export FTL loadings take place as needed by the customer every day, delivery time 2-4 days depending on origin and destination.

We frequently do door-to-door delivery of LTL at intermediate terminals without reloading, which reduces risk of damage to goods and decreases total time in shipments.

Import/export FTL loads take place as needed by the customer every day, with delivery generally on the next business day.

The timetables listed here are not a guarantee of delivery time. (General Conditions of ELFA 2015)

Terminal service

We offer various terminal related services for the transit we arrange:

  • On and offloading for trucks with tail lifts in the country of origin or destination;
  • Collection and delivery of shipments with a specified loading time;
  • Short-term storage of goods;
  • Consolidating various commercial shipments at the terminal;
  • (Re) packaging, labelling and marking of pallets.

Oversize and overweight shipments

The special trailers we operate allow practically any kind of equipment/products to be transported. We apply for the necessary permits, coordinate the shipment route and arrange convoys. If needed, we order a crane for loading operations. We can arrange transport of goods whose:

  • width exceeds 2.40 m;
  • height exceeds 3.0 m;
  • length exceeds 13.6 m;
  • weight exceeds 24 t;

Urgent shipments

Our vans and tail lift trucks with various sizes and carrying capacities allow us to provide express transport Europe-wide. The advantage over air freight is the possibility of door-to-door deliveries in neighbouring countries in one vehicle with no reloading, often resulting in savings of time and price.


Andra Pajuväli

Katri Madison

Aimar Lilienberg

Olesja Yavnashan

Ross-Erik Reikop


We are a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry